Bright Medi- Weld Appliances

Bright Medi- Weld Appliances

Bright Medi- Weld Appliances

Mazgaon, Mumbai, Maharashtra


Bright Medi Weld Appliances

We have emerged as a prominent manufacturing, supplying & exporting welding equipments, scba, vacuum meter, vernier caliper, barometer. These are specifically designed and manufactured so as to impart optimum protection & flexibility to the professionals working in hazardous situations. Besides, our range aims to eliminate or reduce any kind of human injury or damage to the property. We manufacture industrial engineering items as per your requirements. Our quality & after sales services has attained customer satisfaction.

Lutron Products

Lutron YK-2005AMGet Quotation

Lutron YK-2005AM

Lutron AH-4223Get Quotation

Lutron AH-4223

Lutron EMF-822AGet Quotation

Lutron EMF-822A

Lutron VT-8204Get Quotation

Lutron VT-8204

Bosch Power Tools

Vernier Caliper


Infrared Thermometer

Humidity Meter

Light Meter


Digital Clamp Meter

pH Meter

PH Meter For SoilGet Quotation

PH Meter For Soil

Bosstek P2 PH MeterGet Quotation

Bosstek P2 PH Meter

Portable PH MeterGet Quotation

Portable PH Meter

Pen Type pH MeterGet Quotation

Pen Type pH Meter

Distance Meter

Laser Distance MeterGet Quotation

Laser Distance Meter

Line LaserGet Quotation

Line Laser

Distance MeterGet Quotation

Distance Meter

Mastech 6450Get Quotation

Mastech 6450

Scientific Instruments


Sound Level Meter

Digital dB MeterGet Quotation

Digital dB Meter

Digital Noise MeterGet Quotation

Digital Noise Meter

Measuring Instruments & Devices

Exposure Meter

Digital Master L-558Get Quotation

Digital Master L-558

Exposure Meter L-558Get Quotation

Exposure Meter L-558

Testing Equipments

Coating Thickness Meter

DFT MeterGet Quotation

DFT Meter

Power Clamp Meter

Leak Detectors & Monitors

NOX AnalyzerGet Quotation

NOX Analyzer

LPG Gas DetectorGet Quotation

LPG Gas Detector

Halide Leak DetectorGet Quotation

Halide Leak Detector

Gas Leak DetectorGet Quotation

Gas Leak Detector

Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Digital Earth Tester

Laboratory Equipments

Sintered WareGet Quotation

Sintered Ware

3170-Drying TraysGet Quotation

3170-Drying Trays

3180-DishesGet Quotation


6340-FunnelsGet Quotation


3170-Trays DishesGet Quotation

3170-Trays Dishes

Digital Insulation Tester

Moisture Meter

Laser Instruments

Laser Distance MeterGet Quotation

Laser Distance Meter

Crossed Line LaserGet Quotation

Crossed Line Laser

Laser Range FinderGet Quotation

Laser Range Finder

Tile Laser LevelGet Quotation

Tile Laser Level

Multi Line LaserGet Quotation

Multi Line Laser

Kew Products

Sew Products

Weather Station

Protection Gloves

Kevlar Knitted GlovesGet Quotation

Kevlar Knitted Gloves

Kevlar Knitted GlovesGet Quotation

Kevlar Knitted Gloves

Power Tools

Impact WrenchesGet Quotation

Impact Wrenches

Mini Angle GrindersGet Quotation

Mini Angle Grinders

Rotary DrillsGet Quotation

Rotary Drills

Demolition HammersGet Quotation

Demolition Hammers

Wall ChasersGet Quotation

Wall Chasers

Measuring Tape


Respiratory Protection

Breathing ApparatusGet Quotation

Breathing Apparatus

Breathing ApparatusGet Quotation

Breathing Apparatus

Paint Respirator MaskGet Quotation

Paint Respirator Mask

Gas MaskGet Quotation

Gas Mask

Half MaskGet Quotation

Half Mask

Digital Metres

Digital BarometerGet Quotation

Digital Barometer

Iodine Value MeterGet Quotation

Iodine Value Meter

Laser Range MeterGet Quotation

Laser Range Meter

MilliOhm MeterGet Quotation

MilliOhm Meter


Portable TachometerGet Quotation

Portable Tachometer

Engine TachometerGet Quotation

Engine Tachometer

Tachometer AdaptorGet Quotation

Tachometer Adaptor

Pocket TachometerGet Quotation

Pocket Tachometer


Laboratory Glass Apparatus

Insulation Tester

Digital Multimeter


Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

Personal Protective Equipments

PN 02 BeltsGet Quotation

PN 02 Belts

Vibration Meter

Lutron VB-8202Get Quotation

Lutron VB-8202

Laboratory Flasks

5430-FlasksGet Quotation


4260-FlasksGet Quotation


6121-Flasks VolmetricGet Quotation

6121-Flasks Volmetric

4100-FlasksGet Quotation


Breath Analyzer

Alcohol Breath TesterGet Quotation

Alcohol Breath Tester

Alcohol Testers

Leak Monitors

Portable Gas MonitorGet Quotation

Portable Gas Monitor

Fluke Products


Force GaugeGet Quotation

Force Gauge

Safety Harness

PN 94 Safety HarnessGet Quotation

PN 94 Safety Harness

ISI Marked HarnessesGet Quotation

ISI Marked Harnesses

Tower HarnessGet Quotation

Tower Harness

Water Analysing Equipment

OPR MeterGet Quotation

OPR Meter

Turbidity MeterGet Quotation

Turbidity Meter

Digital TDSGet Quotation

Digital TDS

Salinity MeterGet Quotation

Salinity Meter

ORP ControllerGet Quotation

ORP Controller

Gas & Vacuum Metres

Carbon Dioxide MeterGet Quotation

Carbon Dioxide Meter

Digital Vacuum MeterGet Quotation

Digital Vacuum Meter

Digital Vacuum GaugeGet Quotation

Digital Vacuum Gauge

Industrial Washers

Bosh Car WasherGet Quotation

Bosh Car Washer

Car WashersGet Quotation

Car Washers

Industrial WashersGet Quotation

Industrial Washers

Laboratory Burettes

2155-BurettesGet Quotation


2156-BurettesGet Quotation


2118 - BurettesGet Quotation

2118 - Burettes

Pressure Gauges


Digital Tachometer

Digital TachometerGet Quotation

Digital Tachometer

Digital TachometerGet Quotation

Digital Tachometer

Digital Stroboscope

Portable Monitors

Laboratory Bottles

1764-Tubes BottlesGet Quotation

1764-Tubes Bottles


Eye Protection


AltimeterGet Quotation


Stop Watch

Racer Stop WatchGet Quotation

Racer Stop Watch

Spirit Levels

Carbon Dioxide Meter

Body Protection

Fire Proximity SuitGet Quotation

Fire Proximity Suit

Ear MuffGet Quotation

Ear Muff

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